To Beat or Not to Beat?

To Beat or Not to Beat? That is the Question. @        That’s not the question at all. I don’t know anyone who would want to beat their children now. The question is about smacking. #          But what’s the difference? Whether you beat or smack, you are still assaulting the child. @        Beating is using a … Read more


Last month we said, “Thankyou” to Bill Stevenson, who had looked after the technical side of the Webmag for the last six years. This month we say, “Welcome” to Jeremy Curtis, who is taking over the role. You will have noticed some of the changes he is introducing already. Jeremy makes a living from IT … Read more

Told You So

Six years ago this month the Waterhouse Report was published. It listed a catalogue of abuse which children had suffered while in care. The most extraordinary aspect of the publication of the Waterhouse Report was not the appalling catalogue of abuse or the sheer scale of the whole thing but the mad scramble to check … Read more

News Views

Changing Ways of Thinking It has been interesting to watch the way that Professor Al Aynsley-Green, the Children’s Commissioner for England, has tackled his role as children’s champion. He is quite a showman, with an eye to ways of grabbing the attention of the media, for example by wearing a hoodie, and in his public … Read more