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Including the recognition of social education/ pedagogy as a profession, allergies, children’s savings, attainments and the school year, choice of school, Raissa Page, and interprofessional co-operation.

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Including hopes for 2010, poverty, AIEJI, vetting, obesity, access to child care records and Christmas snippets

International Day of Social Educators 2009. What Happened?

We received the following message from Benny Andersen, International President of AIEJI, the International Association of Social Educators. Dear All, It was great to learn about the many regional initiatives to promote the International Day of Social Educators telling relevant politicians and authorities about the work we do by sending them the Copenhagen Declaration. Below … Read more

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Including Sir Paul Ennals, Toni Julia, Stephen Shaw, Dr Pamela Ewan, King Mithridates VI, Philip Pullman, an anonymous psychiatrist and the late Michael Jackson

The Social Educator in a Globalised World: AIEJI World Congress, Copenhagen, 2009

AIEJI, the International Association of Social Educators, held its 17th World Congress from 4 – 7 May in Copenhagen. Attended by over 700 delegates, the Congress brought together social pedagogues/social educators from more than 40 countries for a series of key note speeches, workshops, field visits and social events. All the main proceedings were in … Read more