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About The Therapeutic Care Journal

The Therapeutic Care Journal was originally called the Children Webmag and started on January 1st 2000, and it has come out on the first of (almost) every month since then. When it was started, the idea of a magazine on the internet was still fairly new. The volume of material on the web has increased massively since then. The first issues contained only a few articles, and issues are now much fuller, containing a mixture of regular columnists, reports of events, articles and book reviews.

In June 2015 the Webmag transferred to The International Centre for Therapeutic Residential and Foster Care, run from the Mulberry Bush School in Oxfordshire and became The Therapeutic Care Journal (you can read more about the International Centre here).

In November 2016 the Children Webmag charity was amalgamated with The Mulberry Bush Organisation.

Aims and Policies

The primary aim of The Therapeutic Care Journal is to foster high standards of child care by informing those who work with children and young people, encouraging them to share ideas, to think, to learn, to develop new approaches and working methods, to research, to read and to enjoy the work.

Surveys have shown that The Therapeutic Care Journal’s readers are mainly people who work with children and young people of all ages, ranging from early years to young adulthood.  Readers are largely from the UK, but there are sizeable readerships in other English-speaking countries and a scatter of readers world-wide. English is rapidly becoming the main international language for child care workers. The Therapeutic Care Journal is, however, prepared to publish material in other languages, and over the years articles have appeared in several languages.

The Therapeutic Care Journal’s editorial policy has

  • supported the recognition of children as individuals;
  • seen children in their social and cultural contexts;
  • been independent of political parties, religions and denominations;
  • supported children’s rights;
  • opposed physical punishment;
  • supported the development of therapeutic child care, social pedagogy and trauma informed practice;
  • encouraged innovation in child care;
  • valued all types of child care service in so far as they meet individuals’ needs;
  • encouraged the sharing of ideas internationally through organisations such as FICE and AIEJI;
  • supported the development of a child care / social pedagogy / social education profession;
  • urged readers to contribute to the Webmag.


Although the The Therapeutic Care Journal has a small income from advertising, its main source of revenue is grants and sponsorship from charitable and educational organisations who value the material which it publishes. The budget to date has been modest and has not matched the scope and potential of The Therapeutic Care Journal. We are specifically looking for voluntary contributions to support the development of The Therapeutic Care Journal as an educational charity. The sponsorship of specific columns or of issues will also be appreciated.

 You can contact us here.

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  1. 10 months ago my husband and I offered to helps friend get out ifan abusive marriage. They have twin boys together. She and the boys moved into our home and we were going to help her get a place to live once the divorce was settled. Since this started, he has molested the boys, been in and out of mental ward, attempted suicide, and in and out of rehab. She had to take out a TPO due to letters he wrote to her. He violated the TPO and was charged with aggravated stalking but it looks like he is gonna get by with that as well. One child has disclosed the sexual abuse to a play therapist and this was reported to DFCS and law enforcement but he was not arrested. However she has been arrested twice for false allegations and cruelty to children’ in the 2nd degree. DFCS falsified her psychological evaluation and said she was delusional other mental disorders and took the children and placed them with his family. We are at a lose as what to do next.

  2. I’m desperate and need help, I am dealing with a highly sociopathic father to my child, he has another child with another woman and I recently found out that she was going thru the same thing,he has pitted us against each other for 4 years now, we have gone to court and no one will listen we are scared for our children and don’t know where to turn next bit we are definitely not giving up


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