Adoption Diary : 5 : Celebrating Milestones

This article first appeared in The Door, and we are grateful for permission to reprint. Caroline and Roger have spoken candidly of the harder times which they encountered with an adopted child.  Now they share some of the highs – and each event has one thing in common … “On reflection, I really think we … Read more

Adoption Diary : 4 :Adapting to Adoption

This article first appeared in The Door, February 2006 and we are grateful for permission to reprint. People who adopt say that it is incredibly rewarding – but you do have to be prepared to wait longer for those rewards with adopted children than you do with your own flesh and blood whom you have … Read more

Adoption Diary : 3 : Meeting Mother

So far we’ve heard how prospective parents Caroline and Roger came to adopt and the process of doing so with PACT (Parents And Children Together), the Diocesan adoption agency. Then their son Jon told us what the transition to a new home was like for him.  Now Roger relates the emotions and logistics of the … Read more

Adoption Diary 2 : The Adoption Order

The first Adoption Diary appeared in the September Webmag. We introduced you to Caroline and Roger, adoptive parents through voluntary adoption agency Parents And Children Together, or PACT. Telling it “warts and all”, they hope to inspire others to consider adopting one of the 5000 children annually who are looked after by local authorities. The … Read more

Adoption Diary : 1 : The Adoption Option

This is the first of a series of Adoption Diaries which first appeared in The Door.  We plan to publish an article on alternate months. In this episode, a couple who adopted through the Diocesan agency, Parents And Children Together (PACT), tell what happens when you explore the adoption option. Caroline, a counsellor in a … Read more

Adoption Bill

A new Adoption Bill has been published which will enable those affected by adoptions to have the right to make contact with the blood relatives with whom they lost contact. So, mothers who gave up their children will be able to seek to make contact once the child is eighteen; so will siblings and grandparents. … Read more

Adoption Stories – The pain of giving up a baby for adoption

The pain of giving up a baby for adoption is still raw for some mothers 50 years later, as a fascinating two-part documentary showed. Love Child, was shown on ITV over two successive Sundays in January and was made by Testimony Films, Steve Humphries’ Bristol-based company renowned for producing oral history programmes. In the 1950s … Read more