Jane Elliott : The Little Prisoner

Book Review by Wanda Gibson The Little Prisoner by Jane Elliot is a difficult book to categorise, although it is clearly intended as an autobiographical account of abuse in childhood. Jane Elliott recounts a tale of abuse at the hands of a sadistic step-father and completely ineffectual mother. She and her brother were placed into … Read more

Only Pictures? Therapeutic work with internet sex offenders

Book Review by Steve Lowe The beginning of Only Pictures?: Therapeutic Work with Internet Sex Offenders identifies the struggles in interpreting internet sexual offending when using the established sex offender research and thinking. It was interesting in particular in recognizing the notion of the fragmentation of sexuality and the extent to which, for an offender, … Read more

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne

Book Review by Kathleen Lane Sometimes one has a quite unexpected surprise. Whilst scouring the shelves of a local book shop recently an assistant proved to be very knowledgeable about books and what was actually in store at the time. She took me directly to where the paperback versions of two books I wanted were … Read more

Sandra Brown : Where There is Evil

Book Review by Wanda Gibson Where There Is Evil is different from most of the other autobiographical accounts of an abusive childhood inasmuch as it was written despite many family members’ protests to ‘let sleeping dogs lie’. Sandra Brown is well known in Scotland for her work as a teacher and champion of abused children. … Read more

Adrian Ward : Working in Group Care

Review by David Lane A Classic Text Revised Working in Group Care is a classic text, which was first brought out in 1996. A new edition has been eagerly awaited for some time.  The Preface notes that “The book seems to have been valued by practitioners, students and academics”. This is not boasting, but an … Read more

Strongly Recommended Reading

Keith considers recent books which throw light on children, parenting and human behaviour – and they are not text books. One of he tasks that falls to me each year at Mill Grove is the writing of our annual newsletter we call Links.  It’s designed to communicate news between members of the Mill Grove family … Read more

Cath Talbot and Martin Calder : Assessment in Kinship Care

Review by Fran Dale, Named Nurse Child Protection Assessment in Kinship Care edited by Cath Talbot and Martin Calder is a skilfully devised book incorporating chapter contributions from notable professionals across the field of social care and health, and law. Although not explicit in its intended readership, this book is a vital addition for health … Read more

Robert C. Carson, James N. Butcher and Susan Mineka Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life

Review by Anna Roble A good panoramic view on a wide range of conditions and abnormalities affecting human behaviour nowadays. A handbook prepared for psychology students, it presents issues relating to psychopathology, psychiatry and emotional abnormalities, yet due to its introductory character and transparent as well educational character, it may address the needs of other … Read more

Book Review: The Twelve Days of Christmas

This book is described as “a Pop-up Celebration”, and an “Anniversary Edition”. It is certainly a celebration, and just out in time for Christmas, which is very appropriate. It is not clear from the information provided what anniversary is being celebrated, unless, of course, it is 25 December. The contents are as on the cover … Read more

Book Review: The Jungle Book by Matthew Reinhart

This version of the story is only twelve pages long, but the book is about three inches thick. That is because it is a “Pop-Up Adventure”. Each double-spread has a really magnificent paper pop-up, displaying a scene from The Jungle Book. The one with the monkeys climbing all over the temple claims to be the … Read more