Bernard Hare : Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew

Click For More Info Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew has a lot going for it : It is a must for people working with difficult or disturbed children and young people who want an idea of their life in their feral state without having to go there. It has the ring of truth in … Read more

Reviews from books and journals this month

Race Equality Teaching Volume 24 has been published to cover Spring 2006. This journal, published by Trentham Books, used to be MCT Multicultural Teaching, which has a history of twenty years focusing on race and education. The issue has a Guest Editor, Jane Lane, who is a member of the Editorial Board. Jane’s theme is … Read more

Sustaining your Spirituality

by Dr Sally Nash Grove Booklets (Youth Series), £2.95, available on: 01223 464748 or e-mail I read this book within an hour of receiving it and found myself wishing that every book that I read regarding youth work said as much with such brevity, honesty, clarity and sheer condensed wisdom! Whilst Sally has not … Read more

Anchors in Floating Lives

Edited by Margaret Melrose and David Barrett This book gives accounts of projects throughout England, designed to offer young people involved in prostitution alternative ways of living, and it discusses the difficulties encountered in the work. It is an important book in a number of ways. First, the subject matter is still fairly new; not … Read more

Applying Family Therapy : Steven Walker and Jane

As a social worker I trained at a time when family therapy was still seen as a successful method of intervention. But as the authors acknowledged it was criticised in the 1980s primarily because “practice seemed to be based on a denial of the unequal power relationships underpinning family dynamics …”. However, currently the authors … Read more

Age Discrimination : Sue Thompson

This book is one of Russell House Publishing’s Theory into Practice series, aimed at a variety of helping professions, and it is designed to lay out the theoretical framework about ageism, and then go on to cover implications for practice. The back cover says that it explains how ageism comes about, how it can be … Read more

A Boy Beyond Reach : Dr Cheri Florance

This is the moving and very readable tale of a mother and her third son, who was born locked in a brain that walled him off from the world. Ironically, the boy in question, Whitney, couldn’t have asked for a more appropriate mother. Florance was already a renowned brain doctor and communications expert when her … Read more

Facing Forward : Residential Child Care in the 21st Century

Facing Forward : Residential Child Care in the 21st Century  Crimmens, D. and Milligan, I. (eds) (2005) Lyme Regis, Russell House Publishing. This is an extremely useful and timely collection of writing about the state of residential care in the UK. Although it acknowledges the recurrent troubles of this sector and faces quite starkly some … Read more