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Including language impairment, epilepsy, childminding, fostering and adoption, rating books, the Golden Jubilee, running away, safeguarding, ‘research’ and Mittel Appenzell.

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Including sport for all, great teachers, children’s rights in Wales, paying for truancy,, transport and family story-telling

Forward to the Past: A Return to Victoriana and Male Dominance

There can be little argument and debate that Westernised societies are patriarchal and are dominated by male power and control. This patriarchalism is powerfully enforced and reinforced in those societies by governments, political parties, religions, the judiciary and legal professions, and the media which are all male-dominated. In consequence women and children are oppressed and … Read more

Family Law: Dire Consequences for Children

The family law legislation which is currently in force in Australia, the UK, the USA and Canada is proving to be having disastrous consequences for the children of those countries and are often leading to serious breaches and violations of their rights under international conventions. The legislation is largely framed around the rights of parents … Read more