Words, Ideas and Realities

Most of the time we have no great difficulty understanding each other, but once in a while we face a new concept and we have a real struggle. They had this problem back in the seventeenth century when travellers brought the first pineapples to England. They could say what they look like. But how could … Read more

Learning from Europe

Are you interested in learning about social pedagogy? Or about the way the Danes or Dutch do their child care? Or about the quality of services in Eastern Europe?At the conference held by the NCB on 18 January 2008, there was a mixture of speakers from other European countries and British academics who had undertaken … Read more

Learning from History : Lesson 5 :Realistic Expectations

In the August 2007 edition of the Webmag, we explained that a study of social work files covering the last three or four decades had suggested that there were lessons for today’s practitioners. For the purpose of this series, six topics have been chosen, and in each case, David Lane describes what he has found … Read more

News Views

A mixture of news items, events, comments and whimsies, including the Government’s new Children’s Plan, Dolly Parton in Rotherham, parents in prison, social exclusion, justice, Good Enough Caring, early education in New Zealand, grading in Scotland, grading in England, IASSW in South Africa and social pedagogy in Slovenia New Year Happy New Year! We hope … Read more

Creating a Profession

If you work with children and young people, do you consider yourself to be professional? If so, what profession? Do you consider that your profession is properly valued and recognised by society? If not, what should you do about it?This issue contains details of a couple of new ideas, and you have the chance to … Read more