Observers of life I have been reading histories of childhood written by various authors. Some have been autobiographical; others have been sociological accounts of bygone ages; some were accounts by adults who were evacuated out of the major cities during the War as children. The personal histories in particular held my interest and I was … Read more


Childhood is a concept that has intrigued researchers for many years. There have been historical accounts which trace the evolution of childhood through the centuries. There have been some interesting cultural comparisons written. I would like to begin the ‘Children Webmag – recollection and understanding of childhood’. If any readers wish to contribute, just email … Read more

Accountability and Resolutions

Over the last few months I have been waxing lyrically about the importance of accepting that all of us are accountable for the state we find our world in. We are accountable for all the many small and large problems. It is our responsibility to do something to rectify the damage.We are also accountable for … Read more

First Children Webmag Seminar

Well, it’s happened and it wasn’t at all bad for a first one.The seminar had as its working question: Where is Childhood Going? A small number of professionals managed to find their way to the University of Northampton campus despite traffic, road works and no one else on the campus having a clue where the … Read more

Playing in Safety

Then A hundred years ago, when I was very young, my Mother always said the same things when I went out to play, “Don’t go anywhere other than where you said you are going”; “Don’t do anything you shouldn’t” and “Enjoy yourself”, in that order. I knew what time to come back. I knew what … Read more