Last month I introduced the concept of accountability as opposed to responsibility. I want to explore some of those issues in this article, especially the perception of parenting.When we produce children, we are automatically a mother or a father. We have no choice. Being a mother or a father does not, however, make us a … Read more


As part of the articles I intend to write on inter-generational care of children and young people, I wish to raise the topic of accountability. I have read with interest about the Respect Agenda promoted by the Home Office to challenge and overcome anti-social behaviour and promote positive and law abiding actions and attitudes. So … Read more

Open Invitation

This month my article is different. The Webmag is going to be announcing the first of what we hope will be a series of seminars where professionals from all aspects of caring for and supporting children and young people can meet to discuss and debate what concerns, frightens or amazes them about children or their … Read more

Intergenerational Child Care

Our world is changing so much; it is faster, smaller – in terms of communication and transport, more diverse, yet everywhere is beginning to appear the same. People wear the same kinds of clothes; they more or less speak the same language-‘americano-australiano-englishee’. They listen to similar music and dance in the same style. They get … Read more

Every Child Matters : Economic Wellbeing

The last in a series of five essays which have taken an in-depth look at the Green Paper: Every Child Matters: Change for Children 2003. This is an interesting concept – a desired outcome for very young children is to achieve economic wellbeing. It is obvious to me, that as children get older and reach … Read more

Every Child Matters : Enjoying and Achieving

How do we encourage very young children to enjoy and, as a consequence of that enjoyment, achieve? This is at the very heart of early years care and education. The influence of adults on a child during these critical years might be a key factor in whether the young person and subsequent adult makes the … Read more

Low Wages for Nursery Workers

This article first appeared in Nursery Management Today but has been reviewed and updated by the author. This last year it has been acknowledged that a number of day nursery workers, particularly in the private sector, are paid at lower than national minimum wages. Starting salaries for unqualified teachers are £17,000 or £20,000; for inner … Read more

Every Child Matters

The first in a series of essays taking an in-depth look at the Green Paper: Every Child Matters: Change for Children 2003 Outcomes for Children and Young People This document is, I believe, the second most potentially influential piece of legislation in the last twenty years. The first significant document was the Children Act 1989*. … Read more

Taking Stock

I am writing this with one ear open for the phone to ring. I am expecting a call from the local hospital from either my adult daughter or the staff to let me know whether she is going to need an operation for suspected appendicitis. I took her there last night and we waited for … Read more