A child’s journey through placement. By Jonathan Stanley

Before you come here

You must know

You must go


Right place right time

To get you to show

That you must go


How do you measure childhood fears?

In weeks, months or years?

There is time to go.


There will be no one else instead

There will be an empty bed

When you have gone.


Everytime we remember your face

There will be an empty space

When you have gone


The memory of you is, like you, strong

This is the place where you belong

You will never have gone


Your photograph on the wall

Your smile always easy to recall

You will never have gone


Though you leave you can always return

Holding true to your heart you’ve learned

Here is always with you

We are always with you


And when you’ve grown all there is to grow

Then and only then will you know

It is time to go


Here is a place of giving and taking

No more making and breaking

Not another place to have been and gone.