Residential child care, the under-valued, unacknowledged and untrained profession. By Charles Sharpe

A personal statement I believe that a significant number of troubled children and young people are best helped by the provision of  residential child care  Amongst these I would include those who, though they may for the time being not be able to live with their families, but who nonetheless have such a strong feeling … Read more

Biography of the life and work of Charles Sharpe. By Craig Fees

Craig Fees writes – The following biography by Charles Sharpe was written for the 2013 Child Care History Network  (CCHN) ‘Radical then, radical now’ conference held at the site of Homer Lane’s ‘Little Commonwealth’: ‘”Charles Sharpe, Former CCHN Board member, editor of the online Good Enough Caring Journal, a qualified psychodynamic counsellor and psychotherapist with … Read more

Wennington School from the perspectives of those who lived, learned and experienced it

Lockdown at the Planned Environment Therapy Archives has meant that we are mostly working from home. This has given us the time to focus on the digital collections, primarily the oral history collections. I am currently cataloguing the oral history recordings of ex-Wenningtonians who were interviewed as part of a wider project in 2010-2011. The … Read more

Some observations on the Life And Work of Isabel Menzies- Lyth. By Charles Sharpe

Full title: Some observations on the life and work of Isabel Menzies- Lyth, and the struggle with primitive anxieties.  Her life and work                                                                       Isabel Menzies-Lyth was a psychoanalyst and a pioneer of the psychoanalytic study of organisations. Born in 1917 in Dysart, Fife, in Scotland, she was the fourth child of the minister of … Read more

The Long-Term Effects of Separation and Loss on Sibling relationships. By Keith White  

The effects of traumas associated with separation and loss on individual children and young people are well-known, and those seeking to help, whether social workers, residential carers, or counsellors and therapists, usually have strategies that they employ when they come alongside. A notable example is Building the Bonds of Attachment, by Dan Hughes. I wonder … Read more

Readers response to our ‘Care of Young offenders’ Feb 1st edition. By John Pressley.

As a former residential child care worker of 35 continuous years and the  Principal of a previous Approved School in the East Midlands region, I found the recent papers on Approved Schools and CHE’s interesting. I have been retired for 14years, but I have kept myself up to date with current practice and philosophies through … Read more

”I shared my experience and what it was like”. An Introduction to the Butterfly Longitudinal Research Project – a collaborative NGO Project

James Havey, Glenn Miles, Lim Vanntheary, Nhanh Chantha, Ou Sopheara, Sreang Phaly and Eliza Piano Preface The next four journals will be exploring lessons learned from the Butterfly Longitudinal Research Project (BLRP). This 10-year research project followed the lives of 128 survivors of human trafficking, exploitation and abuse in Cambodia as they received aftercare services … Read more

Residential Care and Education for Children and Young People under the age of 18. Ewan Anderson and Norman Cooke 

The purpose of this paper is to identify and clarify sectors of Residential Care and Education provision for children and young people under the age of 18. The Children Act (1989) provided vital legislation across the field of residential care and education. It followed early work by the Dartington Social Research Unit beginning in 1960 … Read more