What is the Impact of Attending Mulberry Bush School Groups on Adoptive Parents, Special Guardians and Fosters Carers? By Sophie Warrell

Introduction. ‘The Mulberry Bush School (MBS) works with some of the most challenging children in the country, and with their families and carers. Our aim is to help the children and their families thrive and achieve fulfilling lives within their communities and as part of society.’ (MBS website, 2021) To enable the school to provide … Read more

Can Youth Work Underpinned by Therapeutic, Mental Health and Wellbeing Principles Promote Confidence and Resilience? By Mark Brady

Within this assignment I have chosen to explore whether therapeutic youth work which is informed by mental health and wellbeing principles can help build confidence and resilience in children and young people. I am writing this from my perspective as a Service Manager for Amicus Foster Care, an independent fostering provider. “Amicus supports families to … Read more

Lies and Life Stories. By Keith White

We have come a long way from the time when it was said that everything a child said about abuse and abusers was to be believed.  While a child’s well-being and interests are paramount, and everything a child says is listened to and taken seriously, things are more complex than that. But it is well … Read more

The Gardener and the Boy. By Keith White

It all happened as we were getting ready to walk back to our house from the beach we tend to think of as our own at Borth y Gest. We have been holidaying here since 1976, and there must have been a huge number of different sandcastles and sand-creations on the beach since then.  Most … Read more

International Centre News 1st October 2021

A warm welcome to our October edition of the Therapeutic Care Journal, and the International Centre news. This month we bring you a selection of papers from the Mulberry Bush Level 5 Foundation Degree in ‘Therapeutic Work with Children and Young People’ accredited by the University of the West of England. All the papers published … Read more

International Centre News August 2021

Welcome to our August edition of the TCJ and IC news. For your summer reading we bring you another set of excellent papers exploring global perspectives on the important role of residential care in providing protection and therapeutic healing experiences for children, young people and their families. This current set of  papers reaches us from … Read more

Joint Protective Shelters for Children and Adolescents and their Mothers as a Protective Care Alternative in Brazil. 

By Patrick James Reason, founder and director of the NGO Associação Beneficente Encontro com Deus and National Secretary of the Brazilian Movement for the Rights of Children and Adolescents to live in Family and Community. Brief Description This article presents the joint protection method of care for vulnerable and at risk children and adolescents together … Read more

A Day to Remember. By Keith White

I am writing this piece primarily because I never want to forget some of the things that happened on Friday 4th June 2021 at Mill Grove. It had already been a memorable week because the day before one of the children who comes regularly for physiotherapy took his first steps unaided.  I had been passing … Read more