Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Conference

11/09/2013 Mercure Blackburn Dunkenhalgh Hotel Information Never has there been as much media, political and public scrutiny of how we seek to protect vulnerable children from sexual exploitation and abuse, with national attention on investigations such as Savile and Hall. In addition the internet continues to carry an increasing threat of grooming to vulnerable children. … Read more

Where is Childhood going?

Where is Childhood going? “I’d like to network with people from other services and professions. We seem to speak different languages sometimes, but we’ve got to work together.” “There is such a lot going on. It’s really exciting, but it is hard to keep up with it. I’d like somewhere to talk to colleagues, to … Read more

Getting them off the sofa and into a kayak

Nina Hasinski of Redpoint Holidays explains how taking a holiday can be good for all the family and contribute to the fight to reduce childhood obesity. This article was offered to the Webmag; with summer holidays coming along, its message is one we are happy to pass on. Childhood obesity has been consistently in the … Read more

Learning to Go on Two Wheels

Learning to ride a bicycle is one of life’s milestones, the first step to gaining true independence. And for parents there is no prouder moment than the sight of their own child pedalling away in the distance having mastered its art. Children have an urge for movement and something as straightforward as a bicycle or … Read more

Finding Trainers

Finding people to provide training can be difficult, and so we are happy to publish this article about a unique new website which, for the first time, brings together providers and seekers of training together. www.socialcaretrainers.com is having a significant impact across the social care industry. In a sector that is so diverse and yet … Read more

TOP TIPS for parents:Why Wooden Toys are Best

This advertising feature was sent to us. As with all such items, we do not endorse the products as we have not tested them, but we only publish items which appear to be of interest, or which provide useful information. With Christmas fast approaching, parents of young children everywhere are hitting the high street in … Read more

Pensions for Children

We received this Press Release through the internet. We are not vouching for the scheme, but it looks an interesting idea. A great way to save for your little one’s future Start from just £1 a month Friends and family can contribute too New parents receive up to £660 in baby gifts, from pushchairs to … Read more

Liverpool Schools Think Cans with Novelis Recycling

School children in Liverpool have been learning all about recycling, thanks to an innovative initiative from Novelis, the world’s leading aluminium can recycler. Novelis has developed Think Cans, a range of resources designed for use in schools to enable teachers to integrate recycling within the main subject areas of the curriculum, and in so doing … Read more