Choosing the right toys for babies and children just got easier – The Essential Nursery Toys Guide

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Choosing the right toys for babies and children has just got easier with the launch of a new guide, The Essential Nursery Toys Guide. The new guide has been launched to help parents, relatives and child care practitioners select the right toys to best correspond with a child’s age and development needs. The guide provides a comprehensive look at child’s play, looking at why children play with toys and how to play with toys for different children’s age groups.

Parents and carers alike will find Toys for helping to develop different skills a valuable resource as it looks at which toys will help with the development skills that a baby should learn such as communication, creativity and problem solving. The guide provides a list of recommended toys that parents can give to friends and relatives to avoid a deluge of cuddly toys.

The different types and brands of baby toys are also explored so users can discover the latest range of playmats and gyms, the must-have books for babies and toddlers and the latest products from household brands such as Leapfrog and Vtech and less known brands such as Jellycat and Whoozit.

Details are available about all the main online stores where great toys can be found, so parents can find out whether free delivery is provided or how quickly a toy can be dispatched, if a fast turnaround is required.

John Straw, CEO of Net Additions, the online guide company behind The Essential Nursery Toys Guide, said, “I wish I had had a toy guide like this to browse through when my daughter was younger.  The trouble with a lot of toys is that some are fads and some are genuinely great for little people’s development.  We’ve tried to steer clear of the fad toys and recommend ones that we really think are fun to play with and educational too.  If you disagree with us – let us know.”
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About Net Additions
Net Additions has been set up by four online marketing professionals, John Straw, James Wenger, Collette Taylor and Marc Ames.
Net Additions is a direct result – a light bulb moment – that the web (and increasingly search) is becoming dominated by sites that want to sell stuff rather than tell stuff.  Don’t get us wrong – Net Additions wants to sell stuff too but wants to tell first, to help buyers make the right choice. And Net Additions uses writers who can write lots of great stuff about their own favourite subjects.

If someone’s in the market for a pushchair, where do they go to find out what to buy and how to buy it? If a new plasma or LCD screen is on the cards how does someone make a decision on which to buy – other than winging their way into a salesroom and listening to the patter about the models on show?

Of course, buyers can always go to Which? – but they’ll charge for their content.
The Net Additions model and vision is the reverse – all of our sites are .info sites – that is they are what’s written on the can – information sites. We tell first and sell second.

Net Additions will be producing over sixty information sites over the next three years. If you like what you see help us do more telling by encouraging people to look at our sites.

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