Donated Walking Aids Help Children to Play Frame Football

Frame Football is a new activity in the UK set up by amateur football coach, Richard Seedhouse based in Coventry. Ordinarily, many Frame Football players use crutches to assist their mobility but utilise a wheeled walking frame to support them when they play. With more teams now forming across the UK, R82 are gifting eight Crocodile Walkers to young players in the coming months. The aim of these donations is to encourage more children to get involved and raise the profile of this inclusive sport.

The Crocodile Walking Aid from R82 helps with balance and rhythm. The Crocodile can be placed behind the child to allow freedom of movement with adjustable handles, individually adapted to a position conveniently close to the child’s body – providing maximum support and stability.

Fin Jones, aged nine, during a Saturday morning Frame Football Session
Fin Jones, aged nine, during a Saturday morning Frame Football Session

Jon Preater, R82 Managing Director was delighted to handover the first Crocodile Walking Aid to Fin Jones, age 9, during his Saturday morning training session. Fin, who plays in Whitchurch, Bristol, began playing Frame Football in September last year and has progressed well in a short time. Fin received a size 2 walker and said:

“This is my first experience with a Crocodile Walker, it is the best frame I’ve ever used. I particularly like the seat as I can have a rest at half time. Usually, I play in goal but I have now tried playing in the outfield – awesome!”

Bristol Club Coach, Nick Dewfall, adds:

“Frame Football is about helping children with limited mobility enjoy the beautiful game. It has allowed Fin to play football with his brother for the first time and socially interact with other children living with disabilities. For all the children, opportunities like this can help to remove feelings of isolation.”

Fin’s enthusiasm for Frame Football was evident at the official handover. Jon Preater hopes that providing other children with suitable walkers will advance participation in the sport. He is keen to encourage families around the country to become involved and to ensure disabled children do not miss out on the opportunity. Jon concludes:

“The sheer joy on the faces of kids playing Frame Football is fantastic. We really wanted to do something to support and encourage participation in this new sport. By gifting eight Crocodile Walkers we hope to bring Frame Football the publicity it needs. Richard Seedhouse deserves great credit for bringing the fun of football to kids with limited mobility.”