Press release: Alfie’s magic hat: Fun at the zoo. Published by Sirenia Books.


For immediate release

A  new children’s story book has been published for babies and infants that
includes signing, or sign language. Designed for hearing children
pre-speech, ‘Alfie’s Magic Hat: Fun at the zoo’, the first in a series,
recognises the increasing interest in using ‘signing’ to help babies and
infants communicate, pre speech. The benefits of signing include enhanced
communication and a reduction of frustration.

Learning key ‘signs’ when speech is not yet developed leads to understanding
of language, and helps babies link words to meanings, ahead of speech;
meanwhile, the process of listening and being attentive to the reader helps
with the infant’s communication and language skills.

Importantly, ‘Alfie’s Magic Hat: Fun at the zoo’ is a beautifully-produced,
engaging book that children and adults will treasure; and with more books in
the series planned, families will soon be able to build up their collection.
It is written by Kathy Carter and illustrated by Maureen Carter, both
published book contributors before working together on this series.

It is published by independent publisher Sirenia Books, and is available now
via Amazon as a paperback and a Kindle download, and will also be available
at good book retailers and some UK-based family attractions. – RRP £5.99.