Jazz Duck available on Amazon Prime

New children’s animation JazzDuck

This fun, quirky and simple animation encourages active listening whilst playing music to teach young ones rhythm. It’s available free on Amazon Prime. If this is of interest I encourage you to check it out and see if your little ones enjoy it!

JazzDuck is a brilliant interpretation of the research from the Department for Culture, Media and Support on how to help children learn to express and communicate their ideas. In the words of the great Aristotle:

“Music has a power of transforming the character and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young”.

JazzDuck is about a sweet little duck, who is part saxophone / part duck, who has lost his best friend Ball somewhere in the Big City! Together with help from his pals and some really good listening, he sets off on a musical adventure to find her.

Watch JazzDuck on Amazon Prime: