FoxMaster Launches Friendsbook Children’s Diaries

A new idea in the UK – FoxMaster introduces Friendsbook™ Children’s Diaries


FoxMaster Publishing hopes to help a new generation of writers “Make Friends and Keep Memories” with the launch of its Friendsbook™ line — a series of imaginatively themed, fill-in-the-blank diaries where children can share their lives and dreams with each other.

“Friendsbook™ is an engaging way for kids to play, practise writing and drawing, learn about themselves and their classmates, and create cherished mementos — all at the same time,” said Director of FoxMaster Publishing, Alexander Glebovskiy, “I wish I’d had a book like this when I was young, something to look back on and remember my playmates fondly, as well as who it was I wanted to grow up to be.”

Designed for children aged five to 12, Friendsbook™ challenges young writers to share their lives with each other, offering up 96 pages of spaces to fill in their dream job, nickname, favourite food, doodles, a photo of themselves, and more.

Available in hardcover for £8.99 at, Friendsbook™ comes in 15 gorgeously illustrated themes — so every child is sure to find the perfect fit for his or her personality. Young diarists can share the page with faeries, princesses, mermaids, football players, warriors, astronauts, jungle animals, ballerinas and other characters.

Best of all, Friendsbook™ goes beyond creating entertainment that doesn’t require a screen or parental controls. In fact, experts in early childhood development, such as the U.K.’s Foundation Years (, agree that nurturing children’s writing skills early on can provide a range of benefits, including:

  • Fostering independence and creative thinking
  • Preparation for short-answer and essay writing at university and the workplace
  • Providing a calming, contemplative environment

“In a world dominated by flashing screens, it can feel next to impossible to get children to settle down and focus on their writing skills — or anything that doesn’t need to be plugged in,” Alexander said. “That’s why the team at FoxMaster developed Friendsbook™, as a tactile way for kids to learn, have fun, and connect with each other in a meaningful, offline way.”


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