Stories For Grandparents and other Children

A collection of atmospheric stories set on Dartmoor, for grandparents and children to enjoy together

Jennifer BellThis week sees the release of a wonderful collection of three short stories, set on Dartmoor and specifically written for the whole family to enjoy together.  The book gives parents and families a rare opportunity to take time out, curl up on the sofa and enjoy good, old-fashioned family time together.  The stories have been written to be enjoyed for all ages from 5 years  upwards.

As author Jennifer Bell explains “In ‘Left Behind’ it was my husband, M and I, who used to walk around the cricket field in the evening after settling in our B&B visitors. The house depicted in the story is the one we bought after selling the pottery whose story is told in ‘Pot Luck’. Our boys had grown up and left home at this point but I imagined them still as small children, roaming the glorious countryside around Lustleigh and noticing the lone house martin on the telephone wire which had been ‘left behind’.

Fernworthy lake is a lonely and beautiful feature of the high moor and is depicted in the second story, ‘The Little Christmas Tree’. The plantation of Christmas trees was there but not the woodman’s cottage or family. On a clear evening though, you can hear the church bells ringing from Chagford, down in the valley …

Twonk was – is – real. He belonged to Mark our younger son and, as he grew larger, he too ‘sunbathed’ and swam backwards and forwards, in his tank on the kitchen window sill. Eventually he retired to the Butterfly Sanctuary in Buckfastleigh where we hope he still swims happily. When released there, he did instantly merge with the many others so Mark was never able to identify him again. Twonk’s story and Oliver’s visit to Dorcas, the tale of slavery and the Night People  –  was it Oliver’s fantasy … the product of a lonely child’s imagination … a dream

This book is published by Jennifer Bell in conjunction with WRITERSWORLD, and is produced entirely in the UK. It is available to order from most bookshops in the United Kingdom, and is also globally available via UK based Internet book retailers.

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