Learning from Europe

Are you interested in learning about social pedagogy? Or about the way the Danes or Dutch do their child care? Or about the quality of services in Eastern Europe?At the conference held by the NCB on 18 January 2008, there was a mixture of speakers from other European countries and British academics who had undertaken … Read more

Creating a Profession

If you work with children and young people, do you consider yourself to be professional? If so, what profession? Do you consider that your profession is properly valued and recognised by society? If not, what should you do about it?This issue contains details of a couple of new ideas, and you have the chance to … Read more

FICE in Israel : A Unique Experience

We were in the City Hall in Jerusalem, and the Mayor was due to host the mayors of fifty cities from around the world that evening. “Who is Jerusalem twinned with?” I asked. “Jerusalem is unique”, our host replied. “It has no twin cities. But it does have partnerships, which are much the same”, she … Read more