Childhood is a concept that has intrigued researchers for many years. There have been historical accounts which trace the evolution of childhood through the centuries. There have been some interesting cultural comparisons written. I would like to begin the ‘Children Webmag – recollection and understanding of childhood’. If any readers wish to contribute, just email … Read more

First Children Webmag Seminar

Well, it’s happened and it wasn’t at all bad for a first one.The seminar had as its working question: Where is Childhood Going? A small number of professionals managed to find their way to the University of Northampton campus despite traffic, road works and no one else on the campus having a clue where the … Read more

Playing in Safety

Then A hundred years ago, when I was very young, my Mother always said the same things when I went out to play, “Don’t go anywhere other than where you said you are going”; “Don’t do anything you shouldn’t” and “Enjoy yourself”, in that order. I knew what time to come back. I knew what … Read more

Enabling a Creative and Fulfilling Childhood

When I look back on my childhood, I remember happy times on family holidays, playing in the garden or playing in the snow. The memories are selective and often avoid difficult periods when I experienced failure and times when I felt alone. This rather idyllic and selective view also ignores the back-drop of some of … Read more


Last month I introduced the concept of accountability as opposed to responsibility. I want to explore some of those issues in this article, especially the perception of parenting.When we produce children, we are automatically a mother or a father. We have no choice. Being a mother or a father does not, however, make us a … Read more