Future Themes

Last month we looked at play. This month the theme is foster care. Ever since we first published Children Webmag we have focused on specific themes from time to time, but we now propose to make it a monthly feature.

That does not mean that every article will be on the one theme. We always like to have a scatter, in the hope that there will still be something of interest for people who are not into the theme of the month.

Here are our plans for the next six months.

2008: November Child care history

– to celebrate the launch of the Child Care History Network

December Children’s rights

– not forgetting their responsibilities too

2009: January Education and Training

– and professional development for people working with children and young people

February Health

– including well-being, as well as physical and mental health and current problems such as obesity

March Parenting

– and the views of parents (and grandparents!) too

April Disability

– physical, learning and multiple disabilities

As always, whether an issue is interesting depends on the contributors.
– Do you have strong views you want to share?
– Are you working on an innovative project concerning one of these subjects?
– Do you have a colleague whom you could lean on to write for the Webmag?
– Or do you know someone whom we should approach – someone undertaking research or writing a book perhaps?
– Are there new books on the theme we should be reviewing?
– And what other themes should we add to the list?

Please get in touch and let us know.

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