Book Review: Rainbow Rob by Jo Rigg and Simon Mugford

This book is described on the cover as “Packed with wacky characters, funny rhymes and lots to touch and feel”. The story line is that Rob the Penguin thinks of being other colours, like the yellow lion, the red fox and the pink flamingo, before deciding to remain black and white like all the other penguins. We’re sorry if letting you know the outcome has spoilt any sense of tension for adults reading the book. (The denouement is on a little folded page tucked in the back of the book.) In so far as the moral is for little children to be content with their lot and to identify with their species, that’s fine.

The book is just over twenty pages of board with hard covers (plus the tucked-in page) and the pictures are bright and cheerful, with little bits of materials which are different to touch embedded in the animal pictures. The verses are not that good, and while the design is very bright and cheerful, the cover blurb oversells the contents. The book conveys the flavour of those children’s TV presenters who, by leaping around manically, think that they are being funny and entertaining to children.

Rigg, J. and Mogford, S. Rainbow Rob Priddy Books
ISBN 1-84332-388-5

4 thoughts on “Book Review: Rainbow Rob by Jo Rigg and Simon Mugford”

  1. The book is designed for early, pre reading development. We’re talking 6 month to two year olds here, not 3 or 4 year olds. The book does not say to not be different, but to be an individual, not necessarily a bad message? The book is simple, a touchy feely book designed for pre toddlers. The pages are hard cardboard and durable to face the abuse of baby. I purchased the book for my 6 month year old nephew for x mas.

  2. All I can say is that my 9 month old little girl absolutely LOVES this book! She smiles and races over to it as soon as she sees it – the colours and textures keep her attention and reading it with her is a joy.

  3. my son adores this book, will not go to sleep until we have read it at least once a night and evens kises rainbow rob goodnight! fantastic book with a good message


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