‘Care and Education in Early Childhood’ by Audrey Curtis and Maureen O’Hagan

What is the Book About?

Care and Education in Early Childhood is a book to aid study and understanding of the complexities of working with small children. It guides students through a minefield of theories and legislation. It describes in current language the uniqueness of each child and the key factors of ensuring that every one achieves their potential.

The introduction clearly lists the contents of each chapter and explains how things have changed since the first publication in 2001. What have changed are the national strategies for supporting young children, the acknowledged age range for the Foundation Stage, the legislation which governs the changes, and the assumptions of professional standards which underpin all work carried out with and for children and their families. Where there has been a new look at old theories, the authors have included them as well as useful web sites for further research and reading.

Is it Worth Reading?

I think this is a very worthwhile book.

  • It sets out its stall very concisely and deals with each topic in the same way.
  • This is a book of facts. From that perspective, it is very reassuring because sometimes there are so many mights, maybes and possiblys that students have a hard time deciphering what they really do need to know and understand and what is personal opinion and conjecture.
  • It is a book of common sense values and expectations. At the end of each chapter there is a review and prompts for further reading.
  • There is a historical element within the book that particularly pleased me because I consider the history of attitudes and standards to be key factors in future developments.
  • The language is simple and clear with few if any ambiguities. References are current or historical depending on whether there was a need to challenge them.
  • Students are invited to put themselves in the position of a worker or a room leader or a manager so that they can reflect on the work to be carried out and the challenges that may be presented.
  • Each chapter again lays out clearly what is included within the contents.
  • Tasks and reflections are kept very much within the parameters of the book title.

I consider that this is an essential purchase for any child care student from level 2 assistant through to manager. I enjoyed the references which reflected very clearly the technological world in which our children live.

The book maintains a slim (just 200 pages) and light feel. It can easily be carried in bags to be taken to class or it can stay on the book shelf above the computer. It makes an excellent reference book as well as a logical guide through aspects of child care and education.

Curtis, Audrey and O’Hagan, Maureen (2009)

Care and Education in Early Childhood

Routledge Second Edition 2009

ISBN 978-0-415-45757-6

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