‘Leadership and Management of Services for Children and Young People’ by Connors, Harrison and Maclean

This book is for professionals who wish to proceed to a managerial post in care services. It works through the national standards and specific units which make up the award. This is a general award and can be relevant to those in a number of differing management roles within such a large industry.

The book discusses at length the importance of completing such a qualification and what this might entail.

The chapters are broken up into exploring the basic principles of management and the policies and legislation that may govern professional practice, how to manage oneself and develop the workforce within care services, what leadership and management entails including the rights and responsibilities of individuals.

It also looks at how systems, procedures and practices can be reviewed in order to comply with health and safety requirements including risk assessment and development of a positive culture. The final chapter looks at how to bring about effective communication in order to promote positive outcomes. Finally, it is all brought to a holistic conclusion by identifying with the learner which options best suit their needs. It provides a comprehensive bibliography and contextualises training at a practical level.

This is a comprehensive book designed to promote a qualification or enhance existing qualifications. It provides an overview of what further study and practical demonstration of skills would entail. It promotes the importance of knowledgeable management and leadership and embraces the ‘wraparound’ expectation from today’s professionals, where they can slip seamlessly from one branch of the caring services to another. It takes time to look at the desirable personal and professional traits which make a positive leader and manager.

This is a good book to use as a training manual and also to share in seminars or staff team meetings. It can be used to help teams identify their strengths and weaker aspects of practice.

Connors P., Harrison R. and Maclean S. (2010?)  Leadership and Management of Services for Children and Young People

Kirwin Maclean Associates Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-903575-64-2

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