‘Leadership in Children’s Services’ by Siobhan Maclean and Mark Shiner

This offers information to students and practitioners working with, or planning to work towards, leadership roles in children and young people’s services. It gives a comprehensive overview of how policy is designed from Acts of Parliament, the law and modernisation through to training requirements and changes in responsibility and governance.

I like this book. It gives a very clear picture of legislation and policy and how policy affects us all. At the end of each chapter there is a brief conclusion so that readers are aware of the content.

I would imagine that there is use for such a book either as a student bible or to help practitioners and parents make sense of the rules that govern what they can and cannot do for their children. From local authority employment, to private employers, this makes a lot of sense about dusty – and frankly uninteresting – but necessary information.

For example: Policy Areas Chapter 18 : Quality Protects.

This explains that this was a Government initiative, launched in 1998 and which continued to March 2004.  It acts on the assumption that children looked after within the care system were not being provided with good enough service. This policy made clear what was lacking and what should be done. The Core Themes from Quality Protects have had significant impact on policy directives and Government initiatives. It is well worth reminding ourselves of its importance.

I would recommend this book for everyone who has an interest in policy history and the making of new policy. It makes a really interesting read.


Maclean, Siobhan and Shiner, Mark (2010) Leadership in Children’s Services :

Understanding the policy framework

Kirwin Maclean Associates, Rugeley

ISBN: 978-1-903575-59-8

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  1. Thanks for the positive review. We are currently updating a number of our books and hope to continue delivering up to date reference and commentary. Best wishes, Mark Shiner


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