‘Looking for Atlantis’ by Colin Thompson

Both serious and funny, the story of a boy’s search for his grandfather’s legacy illustrates that treasure is much more than gold, silver and diamonds and reveals the wonder of imagination.  (Or, as Barbara Peklo Abrahams put it, “The simple, spare prose holds transcendental truth”.)

The illustrations are a joy. A shop under the floorboards selling stale crumbs to mice is an example of the surreal world that exists inside, behind, under and above everyday items.

I have no idea of the stated age range for this book and would say that it is suitable for all ages. I read it to both my grandsons when they were around 3 or 4 years old and on re-reading found that every illustration was a bedtime story in itself.

Thompson, Colin (1994) Looking for Atlantis

Julia MacRae Books, Random House

ISBN – Hardback : 1-85681-266-9
ISBN – Paperback : 0-09-964521-1


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