Losing Control:By Henrietta Bond

The book is written for and to be read by young people over the age of thirteen.It is the diarised story of a brother and sister who are being raised in a foster family. The boy Ryan has an imaginary diary and the one he presents to his teacher. The girl Holly is now eighteen and has recently left care. The book traces Ryan’s story and Holly’s but also brings out some of the experiences, good and bad that can happen to children who are in and out of the care system.

It looks at the dangers of internet social network sites for young children as well as the troubles that violent family members can wreak on unsuspecting carers.
The language is very current, which makes it relevant to the younger generation.
I think the main aspect that is in its favour is the ‘thinking out loud’ strategy which allows the reader to keep up with thoughts and subsequent actions of the lead characters.

It is a very wordy book and there is an expectation that young people are avid readers, but it can be taken and absorbed in sections, especially as the climax builds. Nothing is overly stated but the tension leading to the conclusion is palpable.

I hope young people take the time to read this especially if they have been involved in or are currently in the care system.

Bond, Henrietta (2012) Losing Control
BAAF Fostering and Adoption
ISBN: 9781907585500

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