Making Sense Through Stories

I remember Chapter 14 in Silas Marner where he decides against punishment for Eppie.  I know children who have talked about  the relationship between Silas and Eppie, unconsciously understanding that the love and care between them made punishment inappropriate and unnecessary.

I have very fond memories of 1962, when on placement from my Residential Child Care Course at Barratts Green Reception/Assessment Centre, about once a week we used to sit round in the semi-dark with the 11-15 year olds, passing round a story. Someone would start with, say, “When I was 3 years old” or “John went down the road” or “We went to…..”  etc. and the person next to them carried it on. It could be quite powerful.

I used to get children to play out situations they found difficult to manage, sometimes using puppets we made ourselves with strips of newspaper soaked in wallpaper  paste and stuck round a slightly inflated balloon. I think the making of the puppets and the acting out of difficulties were both very therapeutic.

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