‘S/NVQ Level 3 Health Award’ by Julia Watling and others

What is the book about?

This is a standard text book for students working to gain a Level 3 national qualification in Health Care. It is relevant for professional carers or health workers. It is an updated version to include the latest legislation and standards in Health Care.

The chapters link to national qualification units and include different aspects of professional conduct, knowledge and skills. The listed core units are a universal standard for anyone wishing to work with children and young people, the elderly or sick and other vulnerable members of society. The content of the core units include effective communication, safeguarding and preventing harm, developing effective practice and the provision of care to an equal and diverse client group.

The other chapters are health-specific, in keeping with the qualification, and cover aspects of practice such as control of infection, anatomy and physiology, specific medical and health treatments and maintaining a clean and antiseptic environment.

How is the book presented?

Throughout the book there are very clear and relevant photographs and charts to illustrate aspects of professional practice and knowledge. Each chapter begins with an introduction about what the candidate should learn and what evidence should be gathered to demonstrate knowledge and learning. There are practical and theoretical tasks and activities and plenty of guidance towards best practice. Each chapter offers scenarios and examples from life so that at its end, candidates have a thorough work out on the issues involved.

How portable is the book?

This is book which could be carried to and from classes in a case, but it is heavy and most probably would be used as a reference source and check to knowledge unless it is also used as the class text book. The language is straight forward and clear. Everything is in English.

How useful is the book?

As a text book, this is an excellent choice. It is a ‘dip in and out’ book with lots of accurate (for now) information. It is factual and realistic.

The Review Team would recommend this for level 3 candidates.

Watling, Julia et al

S/NVQ Level 3 Health Award

Heinemann (2008)

ISBN: 978-0435-402-41-9

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