‘Well-Being from Birth’ by Dr Rosemary Roberts

Wellbeing from Birth, which stems from three studies into young children’s well-being, is an essential read for students doing early childhood courses as well as practitioners and managers working in the field of early years.

Divided into four parts, each part develops the theme of well-being leading from theory to practice.

Part one examines three research papers which have examined mother-child interactions and children’s needs. It discusses U.K. policy and practice before moving on to the themes that are considered essential to the development of well-being.

Part two lays out the theory of a model of well-being that is holistic in that it includes physical well-being, the need for communication, the concept of belonging and boundaries and the development of agency. It then goes on to show the principles of developing the young children’s sense of well-being in partnership with others.

Part three looks at the practice through which children develop a sense of well-being, in both everyday activities and play. The final part of the book addresses professional development through everyday practice and problem-solving and argues for a multi-agency integrated approach and the development of a well-being framework.

Each chapter is well laid out with clear headings to guide the reader and concludes with a summary of key messages, points for discussion and consideration and suggestions for further reading. From part two the points raised in the chapters are illustrated with observations of the fourteen children who took part in the research project.

Roberts, Rosemary (2010) Wellbeing from Birth

Sage Publications

ISBN : 978-1-848607-217

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