‘Your Feeding Questions Answered’ by Annabel Karmel

This is a book for parents and possibly for professionals working as nannies.

Each page is filled with questions and answers to alleviate anxieties and promote relaxed parenthood and healthy children. It provides brief information about the development of children and what I liked is the interesting facts that are scattered throughout.

The pages are full of brightly coloured photographs of happy babies or toddlers, interspersed with wonderful pictures of home-made food. This is a fun book. There are lots of easy recipes and they are written in a reassuring manner. From a parent perspective, if a question is written in a book, perhaps you are not the only one to have those specific worries, so that in itself often alleviates some angst.

The book covers all aspects of childhood and parenthood from birth through to three years. It provides common sense responses and realistic information linked to the raising of children to be healthy, well nourished and happy.

It is a book for first time parents – and those whose imagination has dried up.

It is not a book to carry around but to use as a discussion point when friends come to visit.

I like it. It does what is says and that is all anyone can ask. Dorling Kindersley is renowned for high quality presentations and this lives up to all expectations. Children would love to look at the pictures. The recipes are easy and fun.

Karmel, Annabel Your Feeding Questions Answered (2009)

Dorling Kindersley

ISBN: 978-1-4053-3536-2

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