Coming Home. By Dr Keith White.

A short while ago Cilla (that is what I will call her) came back to Mill Grove.  She had lived with us between 1986 and 1991, and was returning after a period of 25 years during which there had been no contact or information of her or her whereabouts.  It was a Saturday morning and … Read more

National Centre News, Spring 2016

Dear Colleagues, A warm welcome to our new National Centre members; West Sussex County Council, Adrian Rocks (Tameside), Action for Children, Graham Ritchie of the Office for the Children’s Commissioner and Gary Ord. Our mission continues to create dialogue and share best practice across the residential and fostering sectors, and to promote the use of … Read more

Why Endings Matter in Foster Care Placements. By Jim Rose

Introduction: Therapists recognise the importance of endings; preparing a client for the ending of therapy or ensuring they are properly prepared for a significant break, such as a vacation.  Sometimes, events overtake the process and an ending occurs without preparation. Maybe illness or a sudden change of circumstances means that therapy cannot continue. In some … Read more

The Context of Care. By Dr Keith White

With the demise of Kid’s Company in August 2015 there has been a groundswell of critical comment about charities in the UK.  (For example, “It will take more than a fundraising overhaul to restore faith in charities” Ben Summerskill in The Guardian, 30th September 2015; “Fat cat charities rely too much on taxpayers” by Libby … Read more

A Fireside Chat. By Dr Keith White

One of the people who I now realise has influenced me greatly from my younger days is the Swiss psychiatrist, Paul Tournier (1898-1986).  He was the author of a number of books, eight of which I have on the shelves beside my desk.  The books are basically reflections on, and the retelling of, the stories … Read more

National Centre News: January 2016

Dear Colleagues, A warm welcome to our newest members: Diagrama, Sandcastle Care, Rosie Canning, Action for Children, Fostering through Social Enterprise, and West Sussex County Council. The National Centre is the only free organisation committed to creating dialogue about therapeutic practice and sharing reflective practice, training and research across the residential and fostering sectors. Next … Read more

Every Child Leaving Care Matters. By Ed Nixon

Save for the biblical parable of the prodigal son, who would reasonably expect and accept a parent to treat their two children so differently as to insist that for no good reason one must leave home at or before their eighteenth birthday whilst the other is made welcome to stay until they at least achieve … Read more

“It made me what I am”. By Dr Keith White.

It was the end of lunchtime on Boxing Day at Mill Grove and there were just a few minutes before the traditional afternoon football match was due to begin outside.  I sat down beside a young man who had been enjoying his lunch on a table with fifteen others of all ages.  Although he and … Read more

An exploration of mindfulness at the Mulberry Bush School. By Annabelle Rose

This  paper was written for the Mulberry Bush Foundation Degree module on: Professional Issues in therapeutic Provision for Children and Young People. Full title: ‘Does mindfulness have a role to play in a psychotherapeutic community for children with complex needs’ ? Introduction There has been rapid growth in the number of organisations attempting to integrate mindfulness … Read more

Siblings without rivalry ? By Stephanie Davies.

Abstract: This article is an adaptation of an MA dissertation. There is a focus on the complex nature of sibling relationships and the importance of early experiences on the development of the child’s ability to negotiate the Oedipus complex and early peer relationships. Work discussion material will be drawn upon to give examples of looked … Read more