Press release: Alfie’s magic hat: Fun at the zoo. Published by Sirenia Books.

PRESS RELEASE For immediate release A  new children’s story book has been published for babies and infants that includes signing, or sign language. Designed for hearing children pre-speech, ‘Alfie’s Magic Hat: Fun at the zoo’, the first in a series, recognises the increasing interest in using ‘signing’ to help babies and infants communicate, pre speech. … Read more

“On Literature” by Dr Keith White

Thankfully for those of us who live alongside, and try to understand, support and care for children, whether as parents, teachers, counsellors, therapists, or social workers, know that there is a range of sources of knowledge and wisdom available to help us. Such resources are over and above our own intuitions, common sense and experience.  … Read more

National Commissioning Conference Chair’s introduction 2015. By Jonathan Stanley

Reflection, appropriation, acceleration, activation, democracy and dialogue. The National Commissioning Conference Training is undoubtedly amongst the best programmes of any conference. The reason is that the programme is put together by those doing the task for those doing the task. It’s the place we come to hear who is doing what. It’s a place of … Read more

Group working models – What does a psychologically informed planned environment bring to a traumatised child? by Morwenna Rogers.

Humans are social beings. Historically individual humans are weak, at risk from predators and incapable of surviving for long in nature without others. By being part of a family network; a community or some form of functional group i.e. hunter-gatherer societies, was and still is the safest way to survival. This is thought to be … Read more

Unintended Consequences. by David Lane

Paper given at the Child Care History Network Hinsley Hall, Leeds: 3 July 2015 Introduction The Hinge Factor by Erik Durschmied is about a number of key conflicts which the author  believes changed the course of history, such as Agincourt and Waterloo. One of the obvious ones in British history is the Battle of Hastings, … Read more

In Residence: face to face or side by side ? by Keith J. White.

  “Lovers are always talking to one another about their love; Friends hardly ever about  their Friendship. Lovers are  normally face to face, absorbed in each other; Friends,  side by side, absorbed in some common interest.” CS Lewis, The Four Loves   This distinction between lovers and friends is a memorable one in book rich … Read more

National Centre News – Autumn 2015.

Dear Colleagues, A warm welcome to our new members Every Child leaving Care Matters, Brian Paget, Penumbra Edinburgh, and Jemma Moody of ‘Project Lift’ ( Jemma and Project Lift are working with Syrian refugee children in Turkey. Some current context:  It has been a very busy month. I attended the International Federation of Social Work … Read more

Therapeutic Care in Family Settings by John Whitwell

Introduction. I became the Chief Executive of ISP (Integrated Services Programme) in 1999 following a 14 year period as the Principal of the Cotswold Community, a pioneering residential therapeutic community for emotionally unintegrated boys (Tomlinson 2004, Whitwell 1989). ISP was started by foster carers in 1987 and was the first independent fostering provider in the UK. A core … Read more