CCHN – Child Care History Network

The Child Care History Network was set up on Thursday 23 October 2008. Anyone who is concerned about the history of child care services for children and young people in the United Kingdom is welcome to become a member.

Why is the History of Child Care Important?

The history of child care is important – and in particular at the present time – for the following reasons:

  • An understanding of the history of child care services will help to inform the profession and those in positions of power and influence, so that they learn from the past.
  • Individuals who have used the services or relatives of service users may need to understand their experiences and the context within which the services were provided.
  • The quality of today’s services is founded on the work of our predecessors, and it should be celebrated.
  • There is a serious risk that records and other archives are being irretrievably lost.
  • At present there is no list of child care archives to which historians, researchers or students can refer.
  • There is no national archive to which people can send their papers and books, nor any list of established repositories prepared to archive materials.
  • The way that training has developed in recent years, there is a loss of awareness of earlier writings and research, and there is the risk that without the insights of the past, professionals’ understanding of children’s needs and how they may be met is the poorer.

What Sort of People Join CCHN?

Archivists, university lecturers, librarians, residential child care workers, social workers, consultants, early years specialists, psychotherapists, people who have been in care and many others.

What Activities are Envisaged for CCHN?

First it is hoped to identify all the archives of which we are aware. Second to encourage individuals and organisations with archives to ensure that their records are lodged safely, to identify repositories prepared to accept archival materials, and to publicise the need to preserve historical materials before they are damaged or lost. Promoting opportunities for members to meet to discuss issues e.g. seminars/conferences/special interest groups/ online discussions etc.

Membership fees are £15 per individual member and £30 per organisation.

For more information visit where there is also a secure online debit/credit card payment facility through PayPal.

People interested in obtaining more details or joining CCHN, should email Cynthia Cross, [email protected] or Craig Fees, [email protected].




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