Fifty Years from Today

What it’s like today…..

My name is George Lane and I am a child who lives in the year 2008 – I am ten years old. Life as a kid now is easy, but sometimes hard. In our days, we have to work at school and get up to turn the TV and grow plants by watering and caring for them. But I think that will all change.

My typical day is like this – I get up in the morning when my mum shouts to tell me to get up. I get dressed and brush my teeth, have breakfast and get my bags ready for school. Usually, my mum has washed my school uniform ready for the day by the time I get up.

We drive to school which is about four miles away – the record time for getting there is 11 minutes, but normally the drive is 15 minutes. I quite like my school, which is a public school – this means it is private and costs my dad loads of money. My favourite subject is sports although I am good at maths too. We use computers a bit, but not often.

When I get home I have to do my homework. This takes about half an hour. Then I am allowed to play – sometimes I play outside, playing football, climbing my tree in our garden, sometimes cricket. A lot of the time, I play inside on computer games. Also, one of my favourite hobbies is Warhammer – battle models. I am building a good and an evil army at the moment.

When I am not playing, I spend most time with my Samantha, my older sister. We watch TV – Big Brother is our favourite programme. I also watch Doctor Who with my dad.

I like listening to music on my iPod; my favourite band is 30 Seconds to Mars. The Snow Spider is my favourite book, but I also like the Chronicles of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings.

The future….

I reckon that we will have micro-chips in our heads or bodies in the future which will teach us everything so we don’t need to go to school. This will be good because it will give us a lot more free time if we know everything already. We would still meet up with other kids to play.

The micro-chip will also mean that if you ever get lost, you can be found again quickly.

Cars won’t exist in the future like they are now. There will be hover cars that do not need petrol – their engines will use air to keep them floating. They will be solar powered.

People will still have to work but money won’t exist, like Star Trek.

I will be sixty and still working hard, because food in the future will keep your body going for much longer.

But I still think that the world is great now, even though it will get better.

These are George’s views. Add your predictions for 2058 here – and then come back and read the Webmag in fifty years’ time to see if they have come true.

1 thought on “Fifty Years from Today”

  1. sounds very good George…
    as your brain has been working hard even before delivery/birth you are full of experience at even 10YRS.
    2058 doesnt seem very far off and we wish you well to experience and learn more between now and then.
    A learning chip sounds a reasonable idea…do you reckon on updating it or downloading new information to it from a pc…or do we switch on our pcs and TV to add to our knowledge like our brains do now or do you think perhaps college would be ok for that.


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