Thistle Aims to Build on its Success

The specialist childcare training wing of a leading children’s nurseries company is expanding the range of services it can offer other firms and individuals.

Thistle Training Services in Perth is part of Little Einstein’s nurseries, which has a growing portfolio across Scotland requiring a constant supply of trained nursery practitioners.

Last year it put its collective management experience to good use by designing the definitive training manual for the profession – the first time anything comparable had been produced. And as the need for high quality training continues to grow the firm is catering for an ever-greater range of childcare-related training needs.

Having developed continually over the last 11 years the company sees itself as perfectly placed to put its expertise at the disposal of other childcare-related services requiring high quality training.

Little Einstein’s founder Deepak Poddar intends Thistle to become a byword for commitment to professional excellence, and aims to build strongly on the firm’s established success.

The company started with just eight candidates undergoing the qualification and within a year branched out into other childcare establishments, for example private nurseries, primary schools, child minders and children’s clubs. Now it provides work place assessed units within over thirty different settings.

All assessors have worked within a nursery environment in different capacities and this has enabled them to use their experience to help the candidates work through written and practical assessments to gain qualifications.

Thistle Training Services are currently approved to assess Children’s Care, Learning and Development Level’s 2, 3 & 4, HIV, Related Illnesses and Hepatitis B module and the five core skills Communication, Numeracy, IT, Problem solving and Working with Others.

And given new training funding limitations the firm has devised a private training system which offers candidates a solution which is both viable and affordable.

Thistle’s training is all based in the workplace, which means that staff do not have to leave the premises at any time during their normal working week.

Deepak Poddar said: “We aim to offer a service which is flexible and above all wholly reliable – in line with the soaring demand for the highest possible standards in childcare.”

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