100 Next Month

The April issue of Children Webmag will be number 100. We have already received some congratulations on our one hundredth birthday, but, being a monthly magazine, we are not actually a hundred years old. The world wide web was not around in 1908.

We are nonetheless pleased – and proud – that we are still here. When we started in January 2000, we did not know what the future would hold. We just knew that there was an exciting new medium for communicating ideas, and we have been sharing them – free – ever since.

To celebrate our 100th edition we are going to have a special issue. There is still just a little time to contribute, if any reader would like to put fingers to keyboard and rattle off a contribution. If you feel unsure about writing an article, feel free to get in touch for advice. Articles can be any length and can cover any subject relating to children and young people – as long as you avoid libel, obscenity and infringement of copyright. If you don’t feel up to writing a whole article, send us an email below.

What do you think are the most important issues concerning children and young people today? How could services be improved? What really alarms or irritates you? What do you find amusing? Get in touch.

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2 thoughts on “100 Next Month”

  1. Dear Children Webmag Team,

    it’s always a pleasure to have a look at this webmag, I’m happy to be regularly informed about the new webmag. And yet I did not realise that it is alredy number 100!

    Congratulations on my behalf and congratulations once more in my position as the President of FICE International.

    Monika Niederle

  2. To Children Webmag Editorial Board

    Many Congratulations on your 100th edition. We look forward to reading it. Thank you for including the Early Years as part of your website. We look forward to reading your 100 articles!!!


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