A New Board

Over the last seven and a half years, Children Webmag has been looked after by a number of organisations and sponsors.

Originally it was set up by the Institute for Childcare and Social Education. Then the Social Education Trust took over control and supported the Webmag financially. Caring for Children managed the Webmag for a time, and more recently Northampton University has supported the publication. Substantial sponsorship has also been provided by the Hesley Foundation, the Scottish Institute of Residential Child Care, and the Charterhouse Group.

We are indebted to all these organisations. Without them the Webmag would have failed. It has achieved some income though advertising, but overall it has been a charitable enterprise, with contributions and much of the editing and production provided on a voluntary basis. But it has kept going, kept on publishing child care material, and provided a platform for hundreds of authors from many countries.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the Webmag, and thanks are due in particular at this point to Professor Hugh Matthews for chairing the Management Board and hosting the Webmag at the Knowledge Exchange at the University of Northampton over recent years.

Now we are entering a new phase. We are still in the process of registering the Webmag as an educational charity, but we now have a Board in place ready to become Trustees. Dr Keith White will be the Chair, Valerie Jackson will be Secretary and Chris Durkin will be Treasurer during the initial stages. Other Board members will be Maureen O’Hagan and Gill Wilton.

Our aim is to expand and improve the Webmag, which will require investment. We are looking for someone with financial experience to take over the role of Treasurer, and we will be happy to talk with any potential sponsors who would be interested in financing Sections of the Webmag, or providing support in other ways.

Most of all, we look forward to offering a better service to readers, and to helping them to achieve higher standards of child care.

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