Editorial: Spare Time?

Children Webmag is an educational charity. It is run on a very small budget because the people involved believe in sharing ideas as a way of improving the quality of services offered to children and young people. No one makes any money out of it, but there is satisfaction when readers respond, or when we hear that people enjoy reading it or find an article useful.

There are two ways in which you could help us do better.

The first is to tell your colleagues and friends about Children Webmag. Our list of subscribers grows steadily, but there are still thousands of people out there who know nothing about the monthly issues and the large archive of articles which can be accessed. If you could spare just a few moments to send a circular email round to all the people you think might be interested it would help us to reach some of those who might enjoy reading the Webmag but have never heard of it.

The second is that we are always looking for new writers. You may not consider yourself to be a writer, but do not be put off. If you send people emails, think of the article just as a longish email. Of course we welcome well researched and referenced pieces of work, but we also value contributions from people who have an idea they want to try out, or who are angry about something. If you have a message (within the bounds of libel etc.), please share it.

Being a charity, we shall appreciate it if you can spare a dime too, but your involvement as a writer or as an ambassador for the Webmag is much more important.

Click here for a link to send to your contacts.

Click here for guidelines on writing for Children Webmag.

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