Ever thought of going abroad – to a Conference?

Ever thought of going Abroad – to a Conference?

If you have never been to an international conference, now is a good time to think about it, as there are several big conferences – or congresses – being held, and they all have the prospect of being interesting events.

Besides the interest of going to another country, you will meet a lot of people in the networking time between sessions and probably make a few new friends; you will have the chance to hear the latest thinking; you will be challenged by the way they do things in other countries; you will find out that the best services are not always provided by the richest countries; you may have the chance to visit services in the host country; and of course, hosts usually lay on a few enjoyable social or touristic events. Work and pleasure combined.

What are the drawbacks? It is not cheap, but then it is only once in a while that most people attend international events, unless they work in the host country. Language is rarely a problem, as English is now the established medium in this field, but if not, there is usually simultaneous translation in the main sessions, and workshops are often in various languages so it is easy to pick those in which one can participate.

The conferences on offer at the moment are :

6-8 April 2008 CORE is holding its Congress at Austin in Texas, with the appropriate title of Home on the Range. CORE is the Coalition for Residential Education. Founded in 1994 it is still a relatively new organisation, established to champion residential schooling in the USA, and we understand that the delegates will be mainly American.

24-26 April 2008 CYC – Child and Youth Care – are holding another Congress in Victoria, Canada, on the theme of Child and Youth Care in Action: Connecting across Contexts. Although attendees are largely North American, there is a good mixture of people from elsewhere. Do not be put off by the long-winded title. Victoria University’s pre-eminence in child care education at present promises an interesting event.

10-13 June 2008 FICE’s two-yearly Congress is in Helsinki, under the title Better Futures for Children – Today. FICE’s events are attended by delegates from forty or fifty countries, but mainly European, drawn from all sorts of child care services, but with an emphasis on extrafamilial care. There will be the chance to pick up all sorts of ideas, including thinking on social pedagogy. Registration is now open through the Congress website, and is at early bird prices until the end of March. We recommend this one.

20-24 July 2008 IASSW – the International Association of Schools of Social Work – is meeting in Durban, South Africa, to discuss Transcending Global-Local Divides.

4-7 May 2009 AIEJI is the International Association of Social Educators (known in some countries as social pedagogues). Its audience and Congress programmes are similar to FICE’s. If you like Denmark, are interested in social pedagogy and want time to plan ahead, this is the one for you. The Congress is being held in Denmark under the title The Social Educator in a Globalised World.

As a footnote, it is interesting that almost every organisation is now taking a greater interest in world-wide / transglobal / international / globalised / transnational / intercontextual issues. Only in Texas are they focusing on the home range.

However, do not be swayed too much by the titles. At all these big events, the headlines are usually umbrella terms under which papers of all sorts can be given.


Child & Youth Care in Action: Connecting Across Contexts

Check-in & Welcoming Reception April 24, 2008

April 24-26, 2008

Dear CYC Students, Alumni, Faculty, Community Practitioners and Agencies:

We are pleased to advise you that the Second Bi-Annual Conference, Child & Youth Care in Action: Connecting Across Contexts, will be taking place at the University of Victoria, April 24-26, 2008.

Building on the success of our first conference, we hope to continue the tradition of facilitating stimulating conversations and fostering collaborative exchanges across an array of groups and contexts, including: students, faculty, community-based practitioners and agencies; current SCYC students and alumni; distance and on-campus students; research and practice settings; and university and community contexts.

We are planning to post the details of the presentations and workshops on the website by February 15.


If you have any questions about the upcoming conference; please contact Sandra Curran

at [email protected]

FICE 2008 Congress in Helsinki Finland, June 10 – 13th 2008

Better Future for Children – Today

– 60 years of International Cooperation for Children in Care

  • Click in and register for the congress
  • Deadline for registrations May 15th (early bird price available until March 31st)

The Finnish organizers welcome you warmly to share your expertise and experiences in the field of residential care, to meet your peers and colleagues from all over the world and to learn more about different practices and methods available in the field.

The main themes of the FICE 2008 Congress are:

  1. Protecting the World’s Children
  2. Child, Family and Close Relations
  3. Child’s Experiences, Right to Participate and to be Heard, Quality of Care

The experts presenting in the plenaries come from UK, USA, South Africa, Finland and Austria.

In addition to pleanary presentations there will working sessions (workshops, discussion groups, mini-seminars) to take the discussion further on various issues related to residential care and especially to a child’s best interest in residential care.

Please note that the language of the congress is English. Translations into French and German will be provided in the plenaries.

The Congress is organised by FICE-International (Fédération Internationale des Communautés Educatives/International Federation of Educative Communities) and Central Union for Child Welfare (the Finnish FICE-Member) in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Policy at the University of Helsinki, the City of Helsinki and its Department of Social Services, and the National Research and Development Center for Welfare and Health (Stakes).

34th Biannual Congress of the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW)

Transcending Global-Local Divides

20 – 24 July 2008 – International Convention Centre (ICC) – Durban, South Africa

Dear IASSW 2008 Congress Delegates

Extension of Abstract Submission Date and Early Bird Registration Fee

The response to the “Call for Papers” has been excellent but due to numerous requests, the committee has decided to extend the deadline for submission of abstracts. The final date for submission will be 15 February 2008. The committee has also extended the early bird registration fee to 28March 2008; the new extension dates have been updated on the congress website: www.iassw2008.co.za

We will notify you of your abstract acceptance as soon as possible.

Financial Assistance

We had the Solidarity Fund application available on-line. We have had a few requests from potential delegates – that do not qualify for the Solidarity Fund – for assistance. Although the congress is stretched we do want to be as inclusive as possible. Talk to us via email ([email protected]) about your difficulties and we will try all we can to assist you. Please note that this cannot be guaranteed. We can also help you by providing a letter of motivation to support your application for funding from other sources.

Should anyone be in the fortunate position to “sponsor” a delegate to attend the congress please let us know as this will go a long way in promoting social work world-wide.

Reality Tour and Site Visits

The Reality Tour and Site Visit booking form is on the congress website. This can be downloaded from the General Information page. Please note that bookings will be confirmed on a “first come – first served” basis only once you have registered and submitted full payment including the international bank draft/cheque surcharge. Delegates who have already registered with payment will have first choice so please inform us as soon as possible of your site visit choice.

Please bear in mind that the reality tour and site visits can accommodate only a limited number of delegates so the sooner you register with full payment the better chance you have of taking part in this wonderful opportunity.

Registration Form additional information required:

Please indicate the hotel/accommodation that you intend staying at for the duration of the congress when submitting your registration form. We need this information to co-ordinate the congress venue shuttle transportation to and from the official congress hotels.

Please ensure that you complete your registration form as you would want your name to appear on your congress name badge, for those unsure your “surname” is your family name.

Beach Party/Gala Dinner

A once in a life time experience . . . . . an evening of dancing to the beat of the African drum. Enjoy true African style cuisine at our Beach Party proudly sponsored by the City of Durban. This event is to take the place of the banquet dinner and carries no cost to delegates or their accompanying person/s.

Please note: A limited bar has been sponsored thereafter a Cash Bar will be available.

Congress Information Updates:

We urge you to visit the congress website www.iassw2008.co.za on a regular basis, as we will be updating the website with regular congress news, updates and programme details.

The official email address for the congress is: [email protected]

The response for the congress thus far has been overwhelming and we are delighted to inform you that most logistics are now in the advanced stage of planning and that the City of Durban, Local Organising Committee, Congress Chairperson Vishanthie Sewpaul and the Congress Secretariat are looking forward to welcoming you to Durban, South Africa for what promises to be an exciting and very interesting congress.

Kindest regards

We wish you all the best in 2008!!

Jacqui and Carmen

IASSW 2008 Congress Secretariat

ACES – Artful Conference and Events Specialists

Congress email: [email protected]

Congress Website: www.iassw2008.co.za

The social educator in a globalised world!AIEJI XVII world congress, Copenhagen, 4-7 May 2009
El educador y la educadora social en un mundo globalizado
AIEJI XVII congreso mundial, Copenhague, 4-7 Mayo 2009L’éducateur social dans un monde globalisé

AIEJI XVII congrès mondial, Copenhague, 4-7 Mai 2009

Socialpædagogen i en globaliseret verden

AIEJI XVII verdenskongres, København, 4.-7. maj 2009

We send you this e-mail, because we believe you may be
interested in our World Congress 2009. 700 social educators
will come to Copenhagen to share and gather knowledge in

four inspiring days.

Inspiration, knowledge and networking are keywords for
the congress.

You will get the opportunity to meet colleagues from all
over the world, to listen to outstanding personalities and
experts in your area of work, and to participate in various
workshops. And by field visits you will get to see state of
the art projects and institutions in Denmark.

If you would like to know more about the AIEJI World
Congress 2009 – go to www.aieji2009.dk

Please click here to register for the AIEJI World Congress
2009 in Copenhagen.

Please contact us by e-mail: [email protected] if you have
any questions. Please do not hesitate to forward this
invitation to others who might be interested.

Click here, if you do not wish to be contacted any further
about this congress.

See you there.


International Association of Social Educators

Association Internationale des Éducateurs Sociaux

Asociación Internacional de Educadores Sociales

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