In This Issue

In This Issue

The Editorial this month urges everyone who has an interest in high standards of residential child care to sign the ICSE’s e-petition to re-establish NCERCC. Later in this issue there is a fuller statement from ICSE of the reasons for their petition.

We have two child protection articles – the first by Vanessa Rogers about ways to handle cyberbullying. (There is also a book review of Vanessa’s book on cyberbullying.) The second by Robert Shaw suggesting the use of restorative justice as a way of dealing with sexual abuse. 

Alan Gurbutt has written a paper on problems in Mablethorpe, indicating the complex interrelationship of offending, housing, education and social services policies.

In his In Residence column, Keith White writes of the problem of people who do not mature, but replicate their experience, and looks for ways they can be helped to change.

Jim Hyland has contributed his seventh article on the history of the approved school service.

Valerie Jackson, meanwhile, has contributed a piece about the children attending Child Guidance Clinics in her series on Teacher Diaries.

Ian Sharlan has written about the recent riots and parenting.

We have two more Key Texts prepared by Robert Shaw – the interesting pairing of the Pindown Report and David Berridge’s study of child care in Warwickshire.

News Views has its usual mixture of things you will have seen in the papers, and items you will not pick up anywhere else, including riots, long summer holidays, residential child care statistics, street work, Wellesley Nautical School, Gerd Schemenau, laughter, remembering residential care, and FunMats.

Finally we recommend three conferences this autumn, focusing on

Learning from History, the Big Society, and Youth and Community Work.

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