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First, we wish all our readers a happy and successful 2012. Secondly, we apologise: this issue is not short on quality, but it has fewer contributions than usual, for a variety of reasons.The Editorial looks at the question of unemployment, and urges a more radical line of action.

The theme was triggered by Chris Durkin’s contribution, where he suggests that the unemployed should be involved in planning job creation.

Valerie Jackson lifts the lid on education at home. It has the potential strength of suiting education to the individual child, but did you know how unregulated it is?

Keith White writes about everyone’s fundamental need for a secure base of some sort, in Finding a Safe Place.

Jim Hyland has contributed the tenth in his series on the history of the approved school service, looking at alternatives such as intermediate treatment. Seeing the way that the best laid plans gang aft agley is instructive.

Finally, in times of recession, a really practical piece by Dr Lin Day

on cost-cutting tips for new parents – saving money while keeping baby safe.

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