In This Issue

 There are three main groups of contributions this month – articles on child care practice, contributions from or about issues in other countries, and book reviews.

First the practice articles.

           In his In Residence column, Keith White looks at the way that families       function as a part of wider communities.

           Michael Greig describes work with a boy in which he applied what he had           learnt about social pedagogy.

           Delma Hughes describes the progress in developing Siblings Together despite the recession.

           Chris Durkin questions what the real impact of social work intervention is.

Next the international articles.

           Charles Pragnell describes problems with the Family Courts in Australia.

           Bettina Terp describes FICE – the largest international professional           association for people working with children and young people.

           FICE’s President, Dashenka Tashkova, draws attention to the plight and             future needs of children in Syria.

           The Editorial focuses on ways in which child care workers can communicate      and keep in touch internationally, following a ‘clan gathering’.

We also have the thirteenth contribution from Jim Hyland about the demise of the approved schools system, and News Views covers truancy, social pedagogy in Ireland, the demise of the CWDC,  church child abuse, Tony Newton, Herb Barnes, parental mileage, tablets, children’s clocks, spring-cleaning and flat panel TVs.

The book reviews, all by Valerie Jackson, all concern books (mainly for professionals) published by Jessica Kingsley Publishing.

        first an introduction about JKP;

           101 Things to Do on the Street by Vanessa Rogers about games and        resources for detached, outreach and street-based youth work;

           Connecting with Kids Through Stories by Denise Lacher and others, about           using narratives to facilitate attachment in adopted children;

           Friendship and other Weapons by Signe Whitson about group activities to            help young girls aged 15-11 to cope with bullying;

           Safeguarding Children from Abroad Refugee, Asylum Seeking and Trafficked       Children in the UK, edited by Emma Kelly and Farhat Bokhari;

           Starving the Anger Gremlin, a cognitive behavioural therapy workbook on             anger management for young people by Kate Collins-Donnelly.

And finally a review of the Asda Kidscam Digital Camera by Bill Stevenson.

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