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The theme this month is activities for children and young people. We discuss the theme in the Editorial and we have a long article suggesting lots of ideas for your children and young people to do this summer. We also have a review of Sara Knight’s book, Risk and Adventure in Early Years Outdoor Play.

The rest of the contents are very varied.

News Views covers leaving care, mapping social problems, Dads’ Time Tales, violence to children, music at the Mulberry Bush, dangerous blinds, Youth & Policy, approved school activity programmes, National Baby Massage Week and drinking water

Charles Sharpe has written about Isabel Menzies-Lyth and her work as an early psychoanalyst.

Valerie Jackson has contributed the third of her Teacher Diaries, taking over a class from a retiring teacher.

Keith White considers how remembering and re-interpreting the past can help one move forwards.

Steve Walker has written this month’s ICSE column, describing the growth of

Family Group Conferences.

Chris Durkin reports back from an international conference on the world-wide movement to make politics and government structures more responsive to people’s needs and wishes.

We have a report by Valerie Jackson on a conference which looked at the future of the EYFS.

The two Key Texts this month by Robert Shaw are on the Maria Colwell Report

and the Hughes Report, following two major child care tragedies.

Finally, Rosemary Lilley recommends Oranges and Sunshine, a film about child migration to Australia

We hope you find something interesting.

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