In This Issue: December 2010

The theme this month is Learning and Development, and in addition to the Editorial we have seven other articles looking at aspects of learning, teaching methods, qualification systems and so on.

We do have some other articles too. Keith White’s column points out that children who have been emotionally hurt need to take time to overcome their experiences.

Valerie Jackson takes a personal look at bullying in the wake of National Anti-Bullying Week.

Nick Johnson talks about the support and recognition that professionals in child care need, and suggests that they join SCA/ICSE.

There is another chapter of A.J. Stone’s excellent Beyond Caring.

There are reports on two good conferences, run by the National Childminding Association and the Child Care History Network.

There are two of Robert Shaw’s Key Texts on the Curtis Report and Winnicott on the training of residential staff. There is a book review by Peter Garsden of Nicholas Dane by Melvin Burgess. And there is News Views, covering truancy, vetting and barring, the Big Society, teamwork in child protection, postcode lotteries, telling the truth and Every Child (still) Matters.

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