In This Issue: March 2010

There is no theme, but a lot of variety, this month.

  • An article provided by Greenlight on insurance for students at university.
  • Valerie Jackson has written about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which could become on the UK’s scourges in the 21st century.
  • Kathleen Mulvey has given a personal account of how training has changed her professional life. If you are thinking of training, read this.
  • James Moran makes a powerful plea for children’s interests to come before their parents’ from the angle of foster care in New York.
  • Keith White considers the importance of faces to children.
  • The Editorial looks at faith (not faiths).
  • Robert Shaw’s Key Texts this month are Polsky’s Cottage Six and the Dartington Research After Grace, Teeth.

Finally, a diverse clutch of book reviews:

We hope that you find a few things of interest.

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