It wasn’t me

It wasn’t me. I’d never hurt a kid.
I’m not that sort, whatever doctors say.
No. Nor would Annie. She loves kids.
The doctors say that baby Craig was thrown
Or shaken till his brain was hurt and bled.
I’m not that sort. A gentle giant me.
I hold their little fingers in my hand.
It’s frightening how weak they are and small.
It would be easy just to crush them, but
I’ve told the social worker when she called,
I’d never hurt a fly, although I’m strong.
The doctor said there’s water on Craig’s brain.
The doctors can’t explain it, so they say.
And so they’re blaming us. I know they’re wrong.
But I can’t tell them how it came about.
I’m not a doctor, and I’ve not been trained,
So how do they expect me to explain?
When Craig was born, I told them that his eyes
Were rolling round as if he’d hurt his head.
I think they injured him while he was being born.
But no one listened. Now they’re blaming us.
The most I’ve done is bounce Craig in my arms.,
Or drop him in his cot to make him laugh.
That wouldn’t hurt him – wouldn’t shake his brain.
They’ve got it wrong. I don’t abuse my kids.
They’re talking now of registering the lot,
And putting them in care, as being “at risk”.
But me and Annie love our kids to bits.
We’ve never shaken them in all the years
We’ve cared for them. You know, they are our life.
The social services don’t understand.
I’ll take them to the European Court
If they try that. Or else we’ll top ourselves.
It’s just not right. I’d never hurt a kid.
I’m not that sort, whatever doctors say.

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