Newsletter : February 2013

Since the last Newsletter we have published twenty-six items – a mixture of articles and reviews.Keith White has continued to provide his monthly In Residence column, touching upon a variety of challenging issues fundamental to the way children develop and can be helped – giving them space to learn, the need to take time to judge outcomes, the impact of every individual on a community, the importance of thanks, why having a philosophy of care is fundamental, and opportunities for healing.

Valerie Jackson has written about:

– the importance of the kindness of friends when under pressure, and

– the need to think carefully in planning to open a children’s home.

She has also contributed two book reviews:

Safeguarding Babies and Very Young Children by Harriet Ward et al, and

Toddler Adoption by Mary Hopkins-Best.

Sadly, we have carried two obituaries of outstanding figures in child care.

David Lane wrote about Haydn Davies Jones and Professor Carol Kelly has contributed an appreciation of the work of the late Martha Mattingly.

Niels Peter Rygaard has written a description of a promising international scheme to offer training for child care workers world-wide.

Noel Howard has written about the latest development in the Republic of Ireland – children’s rights being enshrined in the Constitution.

Also on the international front, Helga Stefanov has given a fascinating perspective as an observer of international child care developments over nearly forty years.

We have had a number of pieces referring to developments in the UK, such as:

VOICE‘s concern about the need to register child care workers (especially nannies),

– our Comment on the need for a new philosophy to underpin inspection,

Tom Church‘s article on internet safety,

– our Comment on Jimmy Savile’s legacy,

Chris Durkin has written about the value of sport for all, as a legacy now that the Olympics are well and truly over,

– an idea from David Lane that survivors of abuse, even if unable to take other legal action, could make sworn statements,

– our Comment on the implications of the sad demise of the Social Care Association.

There is guidance from ICSE and ACAL on writing expert witness reports for Court.

David Lane has written a couple of book reviews:

Bridging the Generation Gap by Hilary Robinson, and

Steven Appleby‘s delightful Collected Loomus Cartoons.

Finally, we have included a summary by Charles Sharpe of the contents of the latest goodenoughcaring journal, which we commend to you.

We hope you find these contributions interesting, useful, stimulating and/or entertaining, and we hope that you will think of sending in an article too.

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