Dr Keith J. White, Chair of Children Webmag Management Board, writes :

In the 100 issues since January 2000, the Webmag has published about 1500 articles, and covered thousands of subjects. We would not be where we are now without an enormous amount of support from a wide range of people, and on behalf of the Children Webmag Board, I would like to say thankyou to:

  • our contributors, including the sixty or so who have submitted articles to this special 100th edition, and who spent their time without the inducement of fees, producing a fascinating library of articles on all sorts of subjects concerning children and young people;
  • our supporters and financial backers for their faith in us and their foresight in seeing the scope of the medium – the University of Northampton, the Social Education Trust, Caring for Children, the Institute of Child Care and Social Education, the Hesley Foundation, the Scottish Institute of Residential Child Care, the Charterhouse Group
  • our readers around the world, whether they work with children and young people, manage, support or train child care workers, or are parents, grandparents or others with an interest in child care;
  • the children and young people whose care, education, upbringing and wellbeing are the point of Children Webmag;
  • and, last but not least, the Web Operations Team (WOT) which puts the Webmag together : our technical staff – Bill Stevenson for the Webmag’s early years and now Jeremy Curtis; our sales staff – the late Tim Woodward; our editorial staff – Alison Marlowe (in 2004) and David Lane, whose vision and energy, experience and international connections, and professional insights have carried the Webmag so far.

We believe the Webmag has not yet fulfilled its remarkable potential as an accessible, free, independent place for people to share ideas. There are lots more people who work with children and young people around the world whom we want to reach. There’s the never-ending battle to improve standards of child care. There is massive scope to expand technologically. If you can help us realise some of this potential, please let us know.

And perhaps you could check us out in August 2016, to see what Issue 200 looks like and what impact we have had on the child care scene by then.

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